Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Platforms

Alison — Online courses from experts, available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Canvas Network — Course catalogue accessible for free for teachers in order to support lifelong learning and professional development.

Coursera — Online courses taught by instructors from well-recognized universities and companies.

European Schoolnet Academy — Free online professional development courses for teachers in English, French, Italian and other European languages.

EdX — Online courses from leading educational institutions.

iCourse — Chinese and English language courses for university students.

Future Learn — Online courses to help learners study, build professional skills and connect with experts.

Icourses — Chinese language courses for university students.

TED-Ed Earth School — Online lessons about nature made available continuously during a 5-week period between Earth Day (April 22nd) and World Environment Day (June 5th).

Udemy — English, Spanish and Portuguese language courses on ICT skills and programming.

XuetangX — Online courses provided by a collection of universities on different subjects in Chinese and English.

Note : The list of educational applications, platforms and resources above aim to help parents, teachers, schools and school administrators facilitate student learning and provide social care and interaction during periods of school closure. Most of the solutions curated are free and many cater to multiple languages. While these solutions do not carry my explicit endorsement, they tend to have a wide reach, a strong user-base and evidence of impact.

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