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Ministry of Education, India, initiated a number of projects to assist students, scholars, teachers and lifelong learners in their studies. These initiatives cover educational requirements of learners ranging from school to Post Graduate. The introduction of those projects as follows.

SWAYAM ( provides Massive Open Online Courses with 140 universities approved credit transfer feature. Students enrolled in Jan-20 & in total are 26 Lakhs & 1.57 Cr respectably. Total 1900+ courses covering school & higher education.

SWAYAMPRABHA( provides high quality educational programs 24*7 through 32 DTH channels. Around 56,000 total videos have been telecasted covering school & higher education. It has 3+ crores total views on Youtube since inception.

National Digital Library (NDL) ( is a repository of e-content on multiple disciplines from primary to PG levels. It has 4.3 crores content (Text / Audio / Video / Simulation / Graphics), harvested from 250 sources; in 300+ languages. NDL has 55 Lakhs + registered users.

e-Yantra ( provides hands on experience on embedded systems. It has about 380 Lab and made 2300+ colleges benefited. 

FOSSEE ( is acronym for Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Education, which developed, promote open source softwares for education as well as professional use.

Virtual Labs ( has developed Web-enabled curriculum based experiments designed for remote – operation. Its 275 labs with 2200+ experiments made 18+ Lakhs students benefitted.

e-Gyankosh ( is a National Digital Repository to store and share the digital learning resources. Its content developed by the Open and Distance Learning Institutions in the country.

Gyan Darshan ( is a web based TV channel devoted to educational and developmental needs for Open and Distance Learner.

Gyan Vani (105.6 FM Radio) & Gyandhara (web radio) ( Gyan Dhara is an internet audio counselling service where students can listen to the live discussions by the teachers and experts on the topic of the day and interact with them through telephone.

DIKSHA ( is a National Platform for Our Teachers & all other learner. 

Epathshala ( provides Free access of e-books ( class I to XII) through website and app.

e-PG Pathshala ( is a gateway for e-books upto PG which provides High quality, curriculum based, and interactive content in different subjects across all disciplines.

e-ShodhSindhu ( is a collection of e-journals, e-journal archives and e-books on perpetual access basis. It has 10,000+ e-journals, 31,35,000+ e-books.

Shodhganga ( is a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access .

Shodh Shudhhi (PDS)( is a Plagiarism Detection Software Encourage original information by preventing plagiarism.

VIDWAN( is an Expert Database and National Research Network which has profiles of scientists / researchers and other faculty members working at leading academic institution

Spoken Tutorial ( is a Tutorial in IT application which provides sself-trainingin IT fields.

NEAT ( is an AI adaptive learning portal. This is an initiative for skilling of learners in latest technologies through a PPP model.

SAKSHAT ( is one Stop Education Portal for addressing all the education and learning related needs of students, scholars, teachers and lifelong learners. The portal provides the latest news, press releases, achievements etc related to Ministry of HRD. So visit SAKSHAT to know the world of online learning.

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